Tuesday, May 15th

What's black, white, and red all over?Yesterday’s daily photo would have been of what I took out of the kiln after Monday’s firing, but I have decided to save those instead and use them as something to post about on the new HaldeCraft blog.


I guess that means I need to find something else to talk about, eh?

… crickets …

By the way, that photo on the side is of the inside of a bowl I fired a few months ago. I’m getting ready to take it to Wild Iris so it can hold a bunch of guest soap sets.

Gray overcast mornings are great at fooling your body out of realizing what time it is. It does not feel like almost 9 AM. It feels more like … like it’s still 6:30, and I just got up. I love it though — we so desperately need the rain.

Clearly my post this morning is brought to you by the letter R, for Randomosity. Also the letters C and U, for Completely Unmotivated!

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