Sunday, February 26th

Let the Wookiee knit!I can’t believe that all this time I’ve been spelling “Wookiee” with only one “e”. What kind of self-respecting nerd *am* I?!?!

Shameless plug: Pre-orders on my line of Star Wars inspired yarns (and the soap) are still available. What? :looks around: Who said that!?

Last night we watched the season premiere of Being Human (the good version, the original version, the British version, the Version That Should Be The Only Version) and I must say… whoa. The hell? I don’t want to give too many spoilers, even though it aired on Saturday, but… well, I knew the one character would be leaving because I read an interview with him in Bust Magazine a few months ago… but I didn’t know the other character. That was a surprise, and an unwelcome one at that because even though she wasn’t a character I particularly cared for in the beginning, she grew on me. And I really, really, really liked him — maybe the most out of the three. I trust the writers (at least, so far) and trust that they’ll bring in some equally well written characters (“Even McNair gave me a name, and he et me folks!”)… but. But still. Stupid writers! Making me all care about your characters and shit!

:shifty eyes:


I also made a Kissing Booth for the cats. This is hi-fucking-larious and will make much more sense once I get a picture with a cat in it. Tiny Kitten got in it while I was making it, but since finishing it yesterday afternoon nobody will go near it. Ornery fuckers. Of course they all want to sleep in my lightbox for yarn and ceramic photos, but noooOOOoOoOOooo. Nobody wants to get in a box specifically and only for them.

OK. I’ve got to get a move on. I have a chiropractic appointment and then Arne, AKA “my minion” will be over to do, well, everything. He doesn’t know it yet (well, I guess he does now because he’s probably reading this) but we’re going to glaze some bisque, clean off the dye and soap bar, cut up a box of soap base, get some yarn ready for dyeing, perhaps actually have time to dye some yarn, make some soap, and glaze some more bisque. Also list things on Etsy, reply to some customers, add people to my custom order calender, make an office supply shopping list for tomorrow, and figure out when this week we’ll have time and a clean enough surface to make some extra lip balms to take to the festival this weekend. Speaking of which, I need to blog about the festival! Maybe I’ll make him do that, too. Because my list for him isn’t long enough already, what with not starting until after lunch and all. MUHUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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