Monday, February 27th: Well, that didn’t end well

Kisses! Ten cents!How much I like the kissing booth in inversely proportional to how much the cats like the kissing booth. What cat doesn’t like a box?!?! Apparently, all of my cats – who up until Sunday afternoon at about 2 PM could not get enough of boxes, now can’t stand boxes and wouldn’t be seen near one. The only reason I got this photo is because Arne and I sprinkled catnip in the bottom of the box and he tossed the cat in and I snapped the photo before she jumped out. Sigh. And this box is just so… ripe for photo opportunities! A cat in a kissing booth?!?! This is just never going to get old. (Unless the box sits there for months, unused and ignored.) I even moved the box to a different part of the living room last night and Tim was all, “oh! That’s not a kissing booth! That’s just a box!” and we all stared at the cats… who continued to nap and/or clean their butts.


So I had a bit of excitement last night right before I went to bed. By “excitement” I mean “crushing drama.” I was putting a second coat of glaze on the twelve or so pieces that I want to fire to have ready for the festival this weekend (note to self: blog about festival… or you can check my newsletter). My focus on the table this market was going to be planters, as it’s getting to be spring and people are thinking about gardening and growing things. Now. The first thing I do when I pick up a jar of paint is shake it to mix the sediment on the bottom of the jar with the more liquidy part of the glaze that floats to the top. Guess what’s really exciting when you don’t notice first that the lid of the jar has not been screwed on? No, go ahead. Think about it. Guess. I’ll wait.

Did you guess that glaze goes everywhere? THEN YOU WOULD BE RIGHT. It will fly, and I do mean fly out of that jar, and it will decorate the collage of photos of your father that you have on your wall, the actual wall, a good portion of your desk and floor, your lamp, finished ceramics you have on your roll-top desk, a good portion of  your ceramic workspace – with nice voids left on the desk surface where it’s blocked by all the pieces you have already glazed, it will get all up in the tiny parts of your $200 paper cutter, your chair, even splatter a bit on your laptop, and did I mention the floor? If it were red glaze, somebody would be calling CSI. As it is, it’s a light green glaze, which is really going to look lovely on the brown and blue things I already had glazed (and by “look lovely” I mean “completely fuck up and render useless and even pointless to fire”).


Today I’ll be glazing some things to fire to have on my table at the festival that aren’t planters, which as it turns out I won’t have many of at all. Awesome!

I need more coffee.

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  1. It’s probably insensitive for me to say this, but if you can’t say it in Snarkland, where else can you? Reading about your mishaps makes me feel better about how often I have similar incidents (the stakes are a little less higher though – kitchen mess < pre-firing kiln mess).

    Also, cat kissing booth is the best! idea! ever! It's just like a cat to not cooperate!

    1. I totally heard “if you can’t say it in Snarkland, where else can you” a la LOVE ACTUALLY, and, “If you can’t say it at Christmas, when can you?” HAH! 🙂

      And the cat kissing booth? My friends Rhea and Craig have one – they found a picture of it on Pinterest and made it, so I’m copying them copying someone else. Feel free to steal the idea!

  2. I’d say the ceramics that got splattered should be fired and sold. They might not look like what you wanted but they will be creative and appealing to someone who doesn’t know the story. But sad to think of photos etc now messed up.

    1. I’ve rubbed off most of the green on the obviously not-same colors, like the brown and the pumpkin… but I left it on the blue things. We’ll see what happens. I can’t fire and sell the African violet pots that too the brunt of the damage, because glaze got all over the parts that needed to be unglazed and it’s too much to scrape off. Some day when I’m not in a hurry I’ll fully glaze them (in a different color… I seem to be out of light green for some reason…) and use them myself as non-AV-pots.

      Oh, and in a fit of prescience ten years ago when I made the collage, I covered it in clear contact paper, so a little Simple Green and elbow grease and daddy is right as rain.

  3. UGH. That makes me sad. Reading about it makes my stomach hurt a little. Liquids are so terrible with their running and their venturing into places you can’t really get clean and their arrogance. I’m really sorry. I hope today is lots better!

  4. So someday you take all the handprinty yarn and oopsy glazed pots and sell them at a discount. You’ll get something back, the buyer will gloat- – win-win.

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