Friday, February 24th: Let’s go to lunch! Or not! Or yes!

Good times!On Friday, Laura and I had plans to go to lunch together. We were going to go to Bahn Thai, where we had plans to get the craziest, most delicious sushi. Now, y’all may know that I’m a picky eater, and one of my triggers is the texture of food. So you wouldn’t think that I would like a piece of sushi that is sticky rice and cream cheese, right? Except at Bahn Thai they also put nuts in it (well, they USED to, but more on that in a second). You could get pistachios, or cashews, or almonds… I can’t even tell you how good it was. And no fish, so it wouldn’t even kill me.

So we get there just before 11:30, thinking that they opened at 11, and they looked completely closed. So we stood out front and talked about our options, and decided that since Chopstix was right down the road (and also had sushi) that we would go there. As we were turning around to go to our cars, someone opened the door — apparently they were open, but not at 11 like we thought. They would be open in two minutes and if we didn’t mind waiting she would let us in and we could sit until she could take care of us. No problem, we thought. So we came in, she finished putting up the buffet, and then brought us waters and took our beer order. When she brought the water back she said that we could go ahead and start at the buffet, but Laura immediately spoke up and said that we’d like to order from the sushi menu.


Imagine our surprise when she said that they don’t offer sushi any more. But we were welcome to the buffet. I tried to explain my food allergies, and she looked a little offended — “I just put the food out,” she said, “so nothing is going to have dropped into anything else.” And I tried to explain that it’s not a matter of cleanliness of the buffet, it’s a matter of what else has been cooked on the same grill or in the same fryer as what I’m eating, but that conversation didn’t go well. And I didn’t want to order off the menu, because the last time I did that I broke out into hives for about a day.

So we left. And I’m sorry to say that Bahn Thai is probably off the list of places that I’ll eat again in the future. Not that they suck, I just… don’t like allergic reactions.

I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of a restaurant before, or if I have it’s been, like, 20 years. And we weren’t doing it to be bitchy, there just… wasn’t anything to eat that compared with what we wanted to eat [and wouldn’t kill me].

So… off to Chopstix it was… where we had tasty Veggie Spring Rolls and delicious non-attack-inducing sushi, and all was well. And hey, that view? Yeah. It never gets old (as evidenced by Tim and Arne and I eating there the next day as well).

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