Thursday, February 23rd

Snack time!This is how mild the winter has been; the loquat trees that I was nomming off of in April of last year are already coming up ripe. I’ve been snacking off them for two days (admittedly, some of them weren’t quite ripe yet). We’ve had to turn the window AC units on, to help combat the humidity and cool things down a bit. It’s FEBRUARY. The heat this summer is going to be WRETCHED.

I have a lot to do today, running around wise, so I fired the kiln last night as I was sleeping. Turned it on about 11 AM, set the alarm for 6:30, and went to bed. It just clicked off a few minutes ago, and now it’ll need to cool off for about 16 hours before I can open it… which means I’ll just open it tomorrow, when Arne is here, and then use that as a photography lesson on how to take good photos for your online shop. (I also plan on making him wash and wax all our cars, and learn to pick flies out of the air with a pair of chopsticks).

One of the errands I have to run today – and I can’t believe this – is out to the eyeglasses place. There’s already a scratch on my lenses, and it’s RIGHT where my right eye is, which means I see it all the time, and all the time try to clean it, which probably doesn’t help it… so I’m going to go see if they’ll take pity on my two-week-old purchase. I couldn’t find on the receipt if I got scratch-resistant lenses (but can’t imagine that I would not have) but I did get a one-year warranty… so hopefully this won’t turn into a huge drama. Although, if it does? Hey! Great blog post for tomorrow!

The Corwin-ite ManeuverI leave you with a picture of Backup Dog, quite unsure about my new toy. Jeff said he’d found me something really awesome, and would put it in the mail for me… he did not lie. It also makes noise! At first Corwin was afraid of it, then she tried to take it and eat it, then she looked sad that I wouldn’t let her have it. Now it’s high up above the TV where she can’t get to it. Tee hee hee.

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  1. Do I need to bring my own chopsticks? Nobody said anything about packing chopsticks.

    Ooh! Maybe I can convince somebody to go with me to Chopstix while I’m in town!

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