Monday, February 20th

"I love you." ... "I know."I’ve wanted to do this photo since I started thinking of the series. Tee hee hee.

Yesterday I got a lot done; a lot of yarn wound, a lot of yarn dyed (not even any handprints!) and some soap made. Which means of course it’s supposed to rain Wednesday, and I hope that it won’t make it too humid to wrap soap on Thursday. Sigh.

Next week (allegedly; I’m still waiting for this to fall through for some reason) I will have a lackey. Most of you know him as Arne, one half of a yarn store couple (the kind of couple where both people knit, so they hung out at the shop as a couple). He’s the one that makes that amazing Guinness bread. He’s recently become …. er, uninstalled from his place of employment, and is thinking about starting a small at-home craft business to supplement his income. He’s going to come see what I do for a week and try to decide if crafting is too scary, too much work, or right up his alley. As with writing, the secret to a successful craft business is two-fold: Show up, and do the work. I hope I don’t scare him too much. If you follow him on twitter or anything, be prepared for lots of “holy crap, this is harder than I thought” posts. Hee hee hee.

Well. That’s about all I have to say; I mean, trust me, I could say more but then I’d just start rambling on and on and this would get to be one of those 1000 word posts that nobody reads, and I do have ceramics to glaze so I should get moving.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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    1. Broke? If you were here we just flat out wouldn’t get any work done! We’d be too busy eating cupcakes and listening to The Indigo Girls!!! 😉

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