Thursday, January 19th

Get in mah bellehYesterday was one of those days where I might not have gotten as much done, work-wise, as I wanted, but it was a good day to be self-employed. I got to meet my friend Jenn for lunch at Wine & Cheese, making it both a late and long (and raucous — we were laughingly applauded by two different patrons because we appeared to be having entirely too much fun) lunch. Then ran a few errands, did a little more work, and met friends in the evening for drinks and spinning/knitting. One of those “not the day I expected, but the day I needed” sort of things. It was good to hang out with Jenn at a time that didn’t entail her taking me to the dentist, and there was much venting and laughing and waxing philosophical. And clearly there was eating of the good food!

Augh, but I just remembered one of the errands I meant to run and didn’t, was picking up a magenta printer cartridge for The Hungriest Printer in the World. I’m firing the kiln right now so hopefully it won’t crap out on me when I go to print something out later… although I suppose I could run to the office supply store when Tim is home for lunch. What are the chances the kiln would explode and burn down the house if I ran a 17-minute errand…?

OK; off to contemplate my day, which will consist of firing the kiln (already started), running to the post office (and maybe office supply store) when Tim is home for lunch, winding yarn in the morning, and working with lotion in the afternoon. And blogging about a little kitchen project Tim took on over the weekend. New shelves FTW!

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