Wednesday, January 18th

Little man says it calls for rainIt rained, or at least drizzled, for most of the day yesterday. Three times in a row Old Dog asked to be let out of the door from the dye and soap room, and she would walk outside onto the porch, see that it was raining, and keep walking straight to the back door to the laundry room and ask to be let in. Poor thing. Funny, but still.

Yesterday I got a lot of bisque glazed (the kiln is loaded and ready to fire tomorrow) and got some yarn dyed. I’ll be bringing in a new base in … wait, let me check my schedule… middle-to-end of February, and I want to have a good selection of it dyed and wound by then. I don’t know how well it’s going to do because it’s a little different and a little pricey, so I only bought 15 skeins of it. I’ve dyed 13, and am keeping two in reserve for custom orders or in case something sells out the first minute and I want to replace it. Now I just need to wait for everything to dry, and rewind it, and label it, photograph it, and BAM. Ready to go when it comes up on my calender.

Today I will be wrapping soap, as I’m taking in some restocks to Wild Iris later today. And it’s spinning night, so I’m going to The Iris early to get everything priced and on the shelves before breaking out my spinning wheel. Oh, and meeting a friend for lunch. Mmmmm, Big Apple salad. Mmmmmmmmm.

Right, then. Time to top off this coffee and get to wrapping!

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