Hey, hon! I am either smoking crack, or feeble — I could have sworn you emailed me the other day and I can not for the life of me find your message in my Snarkland email, either of my gmail accounts, Ravelry, or Facebook. Did I dream it? Or did you really message me? I’ve been composing an answer to you, so hopefully you really did email me. Dur. I CAN NOT BRAIN TODAY I HAVE TEH DUMB. If you could message me again (just forward me what you sent me before) I would be really grateful.

And now everyone else can make fun of me, too! HAHAHA! Look at the lady who loses email! :points and laughs:

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  1. LOL!!!!!! It was actually through Facebook that I sent you that little message and you didn’t dream it. I feel so special to have a blog post dedicated all to me. The email address? I can’t wait to hear from you!!

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