Self; shut up

Scene: Conversation with self, in car.

Setting: blue minivan.

Background music: Audio book, “The Road”

Self: I am really tired. Maybe I could take the day off tomorrow.

Other Self: A day off would be great!

Self: I know, right? I’ve really been busting my ass lately, and today’s killer migraine WHILE I’VE STILL GOT SHIT TO DO is a reminder that maybe I could slow down a bit.

Other Self: You could do anything  you wanted to do with a day off.

Self: I know! Maybe a friend would want to go get lunch, or something. We could take as long as we wanted! I wouldn’t have to rush!

Other Self: And you could get some stuff done that you haven’t had time for.

Self: I KNOW! Like, clean off my desk! And I’ve been thinking of moving that one bookshelf…

Other Self: And maybe you could wind some of that dry yarn.

Self: Well, that would kind of be like work…

Other Self: But you could watch TV while you do it!

Self: Er… I already watch TV when I wind yarn. Or at least listen to it.

Other Self: Yeah, but it really needs to be done.

Self: Well, I could… clean off my desk, wind a few skeins, and then move that bookshelf…

Other Self: That won’t take long. Maybe you could pour some molds before you start that, since then you really don’t have to pay attention to the molds for a few hours.

Self: But… all the yarn is hanging above where I pour the molds. I can’t pour anything right now until I … er… get that yarn wound.

Other Self: I KNOW, RIGHT?! Then maybe you should wind yarn all day tomorrow.

Self: But.. but I kind of wanted a day off.

Other Self: Only doing one thing is kind of like taking a day off, isn’t it? When you normally try to do three or four things?

Self: Shut up.

Other Self: Make me.



Cormac McCarthy: You are actually more depressing than I am.

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  1. Oh dear. Take the fucking day off, will you? Go somewhere without your phone. Don’t get anything done. Count clouds. Daydream. Read for fun. Eat ice cream. Eat sushi. Drink. Have a day off and unplugged.

  2. What Anne said. No matter how much you love what you’re doing, you’ll be more productive and creative if you give yourself a break on a regular basis.

    Take the fucking day off.

    1. I have not really taken a day off. I would like to have lunch. I have a chiro/massage appointment Monday that will be over by about 11. Would you mind an early lunch since I’ll be out and about? 11:30 somewhere, maybe? Give me a shout!

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