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This week in HaldeCraft Did you know I have a Facebook page for HaldeCraft? It’s true. Right now there are only 48 people who “like” it – I’m thinking about doing some sort of giveaway if I can get to 100. Not sure what. Random free bars of soap? A custom Virgin Mary for a lucky winner?

Here’s what’s been going on over at HaldeCraft this week (I really thought I did more than this; perhaps it’s just that I’ve spent so much time putting together a large order to stock at Wild Iris Books?)…

1. Brown footed mug – I listed a pink-footed mug a couple weeks ago; this is another in the same series. Next up, I think I’ll do green feet. Hee.
2. Sampler set – six different fragrances that I had enough of just to do some samples. Feedback on this set will either bring some of those fragrances into the shop… or not! You be the judge!
3. Pig soap – the fragrance isn’t new but the mold is, I don’t think I’ve listed this before. It’s a really generous, almost six-ounce bar.
4. Large African Violet pot – even though I haven’t put this as a regular item in the shop (yet) this was a custom order for someone who knows I have the mold and requested one. I love the way this turned out, and may need to make one in the same glaze for myself!
5. Pumpkin Spice Jumbo mug – not a new item, but a new color for that item (I’ve previously had it in pink and blue as well).
6. Dragon candle holder – new to the shop, and one of the four candle holder/pen cup molds I bought late last year.
7. Messy yarn ball mug – I listed this yarn ball mug and not only did it sell right away, but she also asked if I’d sell the yarn in the photograph. I love my yarn peeps!
8. Pink flamingos – they keep selling, I keep making them!
9. Busts of Native American children – renewed; part of my “destashing” of old ceramics I made years ago.
10. 10 bars for $50 – a great way to get a little discount; bars are mix-and-matchable in that you can either request ten different things I currently have for sale, or request new things and I’ll make them for you. This keeps selling, so I keep relisting it!

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