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This week in HaldeCraft I meant, last week, to discuss the difference between renewing and relisting. When I say I’ve “renewed” an item, what I mean is that even though it hasn’t sold, it’s been up for the four months that Etsy will keep it up when you originally list the item. When you renew an item on Etsy it bumps it up to the top of your list again, and you get another four months. “Relisting” means that I’ve sold out of an item and have made more, but am using the same listing as the previous item as it’s essentially the same.

1. Sage green Stoneware-like ceramic mugs – new to the shop!
2. Orange Clove scented Celtic knot soap – you can all thank Laura for this fragrance; originally a custom for her over the holidays, I liked it too much and had to keep it around!
3. Acorn pen/pencil cup or knitting needle holder – new to the shop!
4. Coffee scented bar with exfoliants – talk about a wake-me-up!
5. All Mixed Up Horse soap – another in the “All Mixed Up” line
6. Custom Virgins Mary – for when I don’t have exactly the Virgin Mary you’re looking for.
7. Woodsmoke Skull Soap – relisting, and I made these at the same time I made the Orange Clove soap, and let me tell you… I think there’s a blend in there somewhere that I need to put together because I seriously did not want to leave the room with those two right next to each other!
8. Black Madonna – renewing even though she hasn’t sold, because I have faith (HAH! See what I did there?) that the person who needs a Mary of Color is going to see this and be so very happy.
9. Frankincense and Myrrh scented Alien Head soap – renewing even though he hasn’t sold much since Halloween, because I love him so.
10. Apples on my brain – made more and relisted!
11. Victorian Figurine – renewed.
12. Wasabi on my brain – renewed, even though it hasn’t done as well as the apple. Is it the color? The fragrance?

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  1. Maybe you should do a “Mother Nature” Mary, with flowers in and around her hair. Lots of the old-time gardeners have a St Francis or a Mary in the back yard. I have a Green Man.
    Then there’s a Maiden-Mother-Crone triad, but 3 of those in a set would be very pricey.

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