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This week in HaldeCraft Clicking the big picture will take you to Flickr; smaller numbered links will take you to the Etsy page.
1. Celtic Knot – scented in Sandalwood vanilla.
2. Fresh Baked Brain soap (looks like brains! smells like fresh baked bread! doubly delicious!)
3. Acorn birdfeeder – marked down from what I’m normally going to charge for this item as glaze dripped in the hole at the top making it unable to be hung.
4. Soapmaker’s favorite fragrances: Dragonfly guest soaps – good for both getting to know what my favorites are, and getting a variety of scents.
5. Venus of Willendorf – also scented in Sandalwood Vanilla
6. Madonna in White – relisting an item I’d previously sold out of and had just made another.
7. Buddha in Green – relisting him, even though he hasn’t sold (but I have sold a couple of similar ones, painted in detail).
8. Sweetgrass Southwest Bear – relisting as it has sold out in the past.
9. Shell soap dish – possibly one of my best-selling items, as I custom color it to as close to your specifications as I can get. Relisted from the last time I sold out (when I have an item like that, I don’t relist it until after I’m done making the one for the customer and have another one in greenware ready for whoever the next customer is).
10. Owl jewelry box – this item sold very well the first two times I listed it, but this one didn’t sell. I’ve retaken the front-page photo for it, also showing off a friend’s jewelry at the same time.

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