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This week saw the release of my Valentine-themed guest soaps, among other things. Clicking the photo will take you to bigger photos on Flickr; the links beside will take you to their Etsy pages: –

This week in HaldeCraft 1. Bathtub soap dishes – the two white ones I uploaded sold immediately; I’ll be making more over the next few weeks, and also putting a listing up for custom ones.
2. Small cow skull – no actual cows were harmed in the making of this ceramic piece.
3. Native American Figure – part of my “destashing,” I made this back in the 80’s.
4. Woodsmoke scented paw prints – why yes, I am pandering directly to some of my friends with this one, now that you ask!
5. Chocolate scented Hearts – for V-Day.
6. Chocolate Mint scented Conversation Hearts – for V-Day.
7. Chocolate Mint scented Hearts – for V-Day.
8. Rose scented Hearts – for V-Day.
9. Rose scented Conversation Hearts – for V-Day.
10. Chocolate scented Conversation Hearts – for V-Day. And please don’t think I’m selling out here. Yes; the entire idea of the commercialism of Valentine’s Day makes my eyes roll so far back into my head they get stuck. But I’m also a business owner and if it sells, I’ll make it!

And then four things that had sold out, which I restocked –

11. That’s no football – and it smells like Honey – you have read the story about this soap, haven’t you?!
12. Lavender soap with lavender buds – much more popular than I thought it’d be!
13. Lavender soap – one of my top sellers!
14. Gingersnap Cattail & Dragonfly soap – I wish this one had done better, and am giving it another shot.

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