Ten reasons why I may never get on an airplane again

As I’m putting this together from so many tabs I have saved, I see there are many more than ten reasons. Also, since I’m posting them all in one place, I may not be ALLOWED to fly anywhere in the future. Big Brother is watching, right?!

Maybe this bothers me so much because my Uncle had an ostomy bag for over a year, but, still. Retired teacher reduced to tears after TSA groping breaks open his ostomy bag and covers him with his own urine.

Maybe this bothers me so much because I have a friend who is an amputee, and has a son (albeit older than 4), but… still. Amputee forced to remove prosthesis and be separated from four-year-old son.

Maybe this bothers me so much because … oh, who am I kidding? These are all fucking dehumanizing and marginalizing. I don’t have to defend why I’m livid about it. Hey, TSA – how about a little blood on your hands? TSA Groin Searches Menstruating Woman

All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others. Especially if you’re a politician.

Here’s an interesting story by a man with Titanium “replacement parts” (as he calls them) and his take on security.

Here’s a link to an 11 minute video of a mother being held up (for over an hour) over a bottle of breast milk; the same TSA members she’d dealt with the week before hold her for so long that she misses her flight.

Oh, those wacky TSA agents and their hilarious cocaine pranks.

Hey, pedos! Rather than go to jail for touching young children, how about getting a job with the TSA? Then it’s OK to tell kids that getting groped is “just a game.

Man tries to opt out of both groping and pornoscanner; told he’ll be fined $10,000 unless he chooses one.

Remember that pilot everyone wants in a crisis? He’s got a few words to say (if you can hear them over the sound of his GIANT BRASS BALLS.) Sully … can land a passenger jet in a river without so much as getting a passenger wet, but he couldn’t stop the TSA from hand searching his own wife during a recent trip.

God forbid you should try to board with 4 ounces of hand lotion, or maybe a bottle of breast milk for your child; those are a threat. .40 caliber loaded handguns? Didn’t even catch it.

Related: TSA agents check out Adam Savage’s junk, but miss his two 12″ razor blades.

Immigration officer fired after putting wife on list of terrorists to stop her flying home (so anyone with a personal vendetta can use the War on Terrorism as a personal vendetta! Yay!)

Two TSA agents arrested at JFK Airport for stealing $39K from passenger’s bag (arguably it was a boneheaded move to stick that much cash in your bag; but still. My luggage is not your five-finger-discount shopping station.)

Ever care about the screeners point of view? Personally, not really. But here it is anyway.

But sometimes there is hope: Alaska state rep refuses TSA grope of her mastectomy scars, drives home from Seattle. And Jesse Ventura has filed a lawsuit against the TSA. And Phil Mocek took this video in 2009 and was just recently acquitted after over a year of legal battle.

Somewhat related: Furrygirl’s sexy stripdown protest in Seattle airport mocking TSA security theater (NSFW video)

PS. Here is a link to a PDF of your TSA Checkpoint Rights. Learn them. Live them. Love them (before they’re taken away like all our other civil liberties OH WAS THAT OUT LOUD?)

I have to go bang my head into a wall for a while now. Happy Sunday, everyone! Anyone flying soon…?

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  1. Just last week an 80 year old woman was reduced to tears in the Calgary airport when airport nazis yelled at her for not declaring her mastectomy gel prosthetics. Apparently they thought those should be disallowed because it’s more than the allowable amount of liquid and she didn’t tell them she had them. Of course, she hadn’t thought they would be considered as carry-on liquids.

  2. for serious…these ‘security measures’ are waaaaay out of control. they certainly don’t make me feel safer. i dread the next flight i have to take….better make sure i’m not menstruating.

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