This Week in HaldeCraft: Let’s talk about guest soaps

So, a couple months ago, I thought “wouldn’t it be awesome if I could make some sampler sets, like guest soaps, wherein people could maybe try a few different fragrances without having to buy, say, four or five full-sized bars.” And I went on a hunt for guest soap molds that I might like. I found the little round dragonflies, and in the process also found a whole bunch more that were themed. “I wonder how well,” I thought, “sets for Christmas or Chanukah might go over. Maybe I’ll get a few of these molds and try some holiday theme stuff out.” And apparently it was one of those ideas that the universe was ready to have, because it is awesome! I can hardly keep up with the orders and that is not a horrible place for a new business to be!

HaldeCraft: HaldeSoap guest soap designs

Above are the designs that I currently have.

Gingerbread House – available in Gingerbread, Autumn Harvest, Frankincense & Myrrh, and currently sold out in Spiced Mahogany but I will have more of those this week.

Poinsettia – available in Cranberry Chutney, Pumpkin Pecan Cake, and Country Christmas.

Snowmen – available in Winter Holiday Wreath, and Country Christmas.

Dragonfly – available in food scented, another food scented, floral/herbal scented, and woodsy.

Snowflake – available in lavender, Winter Holiday Wreath, and Victorian Christmas.

Peace Symbol – available in patchouli, cedar, and Nag Champa.

Paw Prints – available in cedar, currently sold out in Cocoa Butter but I will have more of those this week.

Cornucopia – available in Pumpkin Spice, and Autumn Harvest.

I can of course happily make them in any fragrance I have if anyone wants anything in particular; I’d love to have a set in everything, but these little babies sell out almost faster than I can make them… and I figure if something is selling, keep making it, right?! So I keep re-making the ones that sell out so that I can make more of that fragrance (for example, Peace Symbols in Nag Champa and Paw Prints in Cocoa Butter? I can hardly keep them in stock!).

I also just ordered about another seven or eight molds from the same company, so look for new shapes after the holidays!

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