Things I’ve forgotten to mention: Zombie Belly Dancing

My friend Heather is in a belly-dancing group. We’re not really close-close friends, but met each other online a few years ago and then have met a couple of times in person at parties or by her coming into the yarn shop. One place her troupe performs is at Lightning Salvage, in back of Satchel’s Pizza. They do this once a month, I think the last Tuesday of the month. I always get an email about it, and I always want to go… but when the yarn shop was open Tuesday was my only day off and was usually already spoken for, and now that the shop is closed, Ginger and Sharon and I meet on Tuesdays to talk about what’s going on with the online shop. But this time… they were going to do some Zombie Belly Dancing. And who could resist that?! Not I, my friend. And it was AWESOME! Alana and Jim met me there, and later Jenn and JJ showed up, and a good time was had by all.

Belly Dancing

Satchel’s got a little video of it, too, which I am totally ganking to share with you –

Don’t you wish you’d been there?!

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