Things I’ve forgotten to mention: The Chili/Whiskey Spectacular

In early November, Chris and Sharon hosted what I hope will become a regular event (funny, since I like neither chili nor whiskey): A Chili/Whiskey Spectacular. Probably in the range of 30-40 people, most of which brought pots of chili, and there was much hanging out both inside and outside by the bonfires. As you can see from my photos, I pretty much just hung out by the fire pits! Heather and Julie danced with fire, Chris juggled fire, I looked at fire. Tim made a Moroccan chili, in one of the largest crock pots that was brought to the party… and there was none of it left at the end of the party. Not a drop. And there were, what… six chilis? Eight? Props to Tim!

First Annual Chili Whisk(e)y Spectacular

(click to embiggen, and see links to individual photos)

It was freakishly cold – probably in the high 40’s – and was absolutely the perfect weather for a party like this!

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