Tim and Jeff and I went down to Amy and Isaac’s for Thanksgiving. Amy had done a little cooking before, and Tim did the rest of the cooking when he got there (we are all becoming quite appreciative of Tim’s cooking abilities, even if I did have to buy some larger jeans recently, ahem). We had, other than the wild turkeys gobbling around, a turkey-free Thanksgiving. We had Pig Day instead, with a ham and bacon in almost every dish. Mmmm. Bacon. Mostly we just sat around and gabbed and drank and watched Tim cook, although Amy and Isaac did show us around the park. Next time I go there I really want to bring my hiking shoes – they have 26 miles of trails and I’d like to walk a few of them!

Thanksgiving 2010

Click to embiggen and get to the rest of the photos! Come on, y’all – there are some cute ones! A raccoon in a tree! Baby alligators! Real live turkeys!

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  1. I hope the bird flew away before the gator chomped its jaws.
    A little more practice on the Indian River, then we MUST take the kayaks to Wekiva.

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