Whirlwind Birthday Vacation Trip, Day Five

I think it’s day five. Where the fuck are we? What day is this?

OH! It’s my birthday! The whole day was a blur, and now with waiting, waiting, waiting for Godot for my photos to load I may forget what happened. Sigh.

Aunt Gay and I woke up with “happy birthdays” for each other. Followed soon by happy birthdays from Jenny, Tim’s middle sister – who was an absolute boon for the day! And happy birthdays from Jag! Did I mention the happy birthdays from Tim and Rusty? And after getting to the hospital and getting happy birthdays from a sleepy but much more lucid (and normal looking, since they put his glasses on) Uncle Joe, also happy birthdays from Tim’s parents, Bill and Linda.

(And a million emails/Facebook messages/Twitters, and I loved each one of them!)

Uh… lunch at Panera’s. Back to the condo. Off to WalMart. Quickest trip ever to Jungle Jim’s. Back to condo. Off to dinner. BEST DINNER EVER at Eddie Merlot’s (I think that’s what the name is) where despite a mild allergic reaction to something (what is in Bearnaise sauce… anyone? eggs? fish?) I had probably the best food ever. Whoever thought to put butter and lobster into mashed potatoes….? I love you! Call me!

Then back to the condo, for many laughs and stories.


There will be more photos from this day when I’m not stealing quickly deteriorating wireless from one of the neighbors. But for now? Off to bed– so! very! tired!

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  1. Bearnaise sauce does contain eggs – best to avoid in future.
    Which is a shame, because it’s a darn tasty sauce!

  2. ummm … yah…. its pretty much eggs eggs and then buttter i think…. it ranks up there in my mind with mayo… sorry , I was at the other end of the table!

  3. happy bday old girl. Glad to see the news about Joe and, all in all, seems a definitely memorable celebration for you and Gay, right? I’ll be happy to take all the Bearnaise sauce for you, though I can’t afford the filet that most cooks float on it. Have a safe return to the sinking state.

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