Oh, yeah, I need a post title. Whatevs.

Oh, yeah, I need a post title. Whatevs.

For those playing along at home, here’s the current state of the union.

Over the last couple of days I’ve transferred all my photos taken from 1999-2018 to my laptop (poor thing is very, very full now). I don’t need them all, but thought it was easier to transfer everything and delete as I sort through. Mostly this will allow me to write the Patreon posts about Hanks Yarn & Fiber on my laptop instead of my desktop, because all of these photos used to be there and there only (I wanted to use the laptop mostly for fiction). I don’t know that I’ll keep 100% of the pictures on the laptop (”here”, as I’m writing this) but for right now that at least alleviates the “I have a Hanks post to write but I’m at the wrong computer and/or the other computer is updating” problem. It also helps with the “why don’t I write everything in Scrivener” thought (instead of composing online on Snarkland/HaldeCraft/Ravelry/Patreon) because Scrivener is on my laptop.

I also bought a lap desk thing for sitting on the couch and working. Evenings when we’re watching TV is a good time for me to do mindless computer things, things I hate to do during the day because during the day I could be WORKING and not doing things like… ACCOUNTING. But I can do data entry for Craftybase, entering invoices and whatnot, while watching TV. I wouldn’t try to write fiction then, and I wouldn’t try to do something like quarterly sales tax, but TV time is a good time to do things like edit photos for blog posts, and other time-consuming but not brain-consuming things like that.

It’s also a good time for writing blog posts… like I’m doing now.

So… what else, in a nutshell?

  • I’ve done … five? Or so? virtual races this year, but I think I’ve only blogged about the first one.
  • I have so much to tell you about Star Wars land at Disney.
  • My desktop computer keeps trying to update but then it fails, but then it also tells me that support for my version of Windows will be ending in November and I really need to update. So I try to update. Then it fails after a few hours of pretending to update.
  • We’re going to see the new Terminator movie this Sunday and I have cautiously high hopes.
  • That Poor Man got a new job (technically got his old job back, over at the Enginerding Company) and I have feelings.
  • Thanksgiving is coming, but I refuse to post about that until after Halloween.
  • Christmas is also coming, but I refuse to believe it.
  • I’m going to have to let something, maybe a few somethings, go from HaldeCraft next year, in order to stay sane (I don’t know why I thought I could write a series of books and keep HaldeCraft going at the same pace but there you are, live and learn). One of those things is definitely letting go of the Florida Fiber-In. Another is not doing soap club any more. I’m not sure what else, because I love most of what I do and don’t want to stop doing things I love (if only I could let go of invoicing/accounting, but alas, Craftybase is so new there’s nobody to hire to do it for me).
  • Composing a post in Patreon the other day convinced me that there’s no way in hell I’m ditching this sweet sweet WordPress setup for blogging only over on Patreon.
  • Oh! And this nifty lap desk I got for sitting on the couch with comes with a giant soft bumper at the bottom for your wrists (and to stop the laptop from sliding down) and boy howdy it also does a great job at keeping my wrists elevated above the Track Pad of Doom! Maybe there’s hope for me falling back in love with my laptop after all.
  • I’ve been watching American Horror Story: Apocalypse in the mornings on the treadmill – after having tried hard but given up on two different seasons of the show – and it is bananapants. I may go back and watch the rest, now.

OK; that’s it for today. I have dinner to make and a whiskey to drink. Thanks for reading, y’all!

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