You get a birthday! And YOU get a birthday! And you!

You get a birthday! And YOU get a birthday! And you!

Today is Uncle Joe’s birthday (we celebrated last night). Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. And then Tuesday is That Poor Man’s mom’s birthday. Hooray, June!

For Christmas last year I got some fun napkins for Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe, because they have parties all the time. I love that they still have a couple left, and people giggle so much over them.

Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe are getting ready to do some travelling, so last night we had the “where are the wills and the important papers and whatnot” talk and Aunt Gay suggested that I should get my passport renewed, just in case something happens and I need to go overseas to come get them. A sobering thought, so of course I’m writing about it, because the things you actively worry about never come to pass – so says my brain and a lifetime of worrying about things that never come to pass.

Do you have a will? Life insurance? Are your papers in order in case your loved ones have to sort through them? Do your loved ones know your end of life wishes (as in, funeral vs no funeral, Irish Wake, big-ass party, cremation vs burial, etc)? Are you an organ donor? Do you have a friend ready to finish your knitting projects if you die with things on the needles? (Thank you, Sharon!) Are you the executor of someone’s will? Do you need someone to be the executor? Do you have a plan if you (or your loved one) doesn’t die but is incapacitated? Do you want or do they have DNR paperwork?

These are all things that freak people out to talk about – nobody wants to think about death in practical terms. Most people don’t even want to think about death. The Order of the Good Death is a fantastic resource that I very much recommend.

So much to do today – mostly office things; which clearly my support team is RIGHT ON TOP of helping me with. I try to type regularly… he sits on top of my arm, in between me and my keyboard. I put the keyboard in my lap, and he leans his head over the edge of the desk and nudges my fingers as I’m typing – he’s sure that my fingers are moving for giving him a head massage, and no other reason. It’s a good thing he’s so cute.

And the other one is laying on top of my dayplanner, thwarting my plan to switch to plotting out a few things for this week instead of working on this blog post.

But! I don’t have Engineers coming into my office to try to explain how their work is more important than the other work I’m working on, so if I could just switch gears and do their document markups instead, but oh, also, the budget is real tight so if I could only charge about 45 minutes of work instead of the 90 minutes it’s more likely to take me? Yeaaaaaaaah. That’d be great.

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  1. I could have used that purple napkin at one point here…
    Far as the rest? PERSEVERE! It drives people nuts!

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