I need a catchy title for this post

I need a catchy title for this post

First thing this morning, I said “write a blog post! Start the week off right!” but then I remembered I needed to upload social media for the day, so I did that first. Then I was like, “I’ll write a blog post right after I shower!” only then I was hungry and wanted to eat breakfast. Then I was like “I’ll write a blog post as soon as I get over to the studio!” but then I had a couple of orders to get together and take to the post office (and run by CVS to pick up a prescription) before going into Gainesville to meet a friend for lunch. Now I’m back from lunch but all sleepy from the good food and it’s 4:30 in the afternoon and I’d better be hungry again by 6 because we’re going over to some friend’s for dinner and to make googly eyes at their new kitchen. At this point should I even try writing a blog post?????

Yesterday I wrote a Recommendation post over on Patreon; part of the monthly series of posts I do there for my Patrons. I wish there was a good way to post both here and there at the same time, but alas, there isn’t. There is a Patreon plug-in for WordPress, where you write the posts here… but they don’t cross-post over to Patreon and that’s really what I was hoping for. I can either write here, or there, or do what I do with the WiP Wed post and write in one place and copy/paste to three others (that’s real fun — come on, technology!).

Do you follow me on Patreon? Are you reading The Unreachable Star as I write it? Do you have a preference for posts there or here? I am fine writing and copy/pasting, or writing in secret for Patrons there and occasionally talking about it over here, but… I’m open to suggestions about what people want! Especially as I’m coming up on my first anniversary of being on Patreon and take a look at my Tiers and Goals and think about whether I want to shuffle/add/change some rewards.

This is the paragraph where normally I would put another picture of something that happened yesterday and ramble on about it for a little bit, but it’s almost 5 and also at the same time I’m writing this I’m fighting with my portable backup drive for my laptop – I cleaned off an old one to use on my current laptop and that had the unfortunate side-effect of also deleting all of the .exe files on the drive. At this point I’ve downloaded everything for Windows on the WD website and not a one of them recognizes the now-empty drive. At what point would you, dear reader, just give up and buy a completely new drive? Would you at least sleep on it and come back to it tomorrow?

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