touchdown brings me ’round again to find

touchdown brings me ’round again to find

I went to see Rocketman with a friend yesterday, and y’all, it was amazing.

I mean, the movie itself was beautiful and uplifting and magical… but the experience of going to the movie wasn’t bad, either, and how often can you say that?!

I know I’m years behind the rest of you – this is what happens when you go to one movie a year – but this place had reclining seats! And a wild selection of food and drink you could get! And did I mention the reclining seats? There were only a few other people in the theater – I mean, Wednesday, middle of the day, right?! – and nobody was talking throughout the movie so we were really able to sink in and enjoy it. I look forward to the next few days of Elton John earworms.

I absolutely loved the sense of magic realism the movie was imbued with. I didn’t know anything about it going in — this is how un-aware I am of what’s going on in the world culturally… when Susan asked me if I wanted to go see Rocketman, I was like, Rocket Man? I can not handle yet another reboot of a superhero movie, I can not. She was like, uh, Elton John? To which, say no more, I’m in. And it was lovely – absolutely lovely.

If this cat was any more helpful?! I mean, it’s flattering that he loves me and wants to be near me. But… does he? Really? I mean, he’s a cat – any warm furniture will do… even another cat. I had to chase him off so I could keep typing… we’ll see how far he lets me get before he comes back and demands attention.

So, let’s see… what else is going on?

Not a lot I can really talk about… we spent some time last week and over the weekend helping some friends, and it reminded me that I am so grateful to work at home where I can drop everything when friends need help, and grateful that I am married to a man for whom my friends who are family, are also his family. Neither one of us needs to know what’s going on before we offer help, we just need to know that someone we care about needs us. That is enough.

Have a lovely rest of your day, y’all. Be kind to your loved ones. …. …. except maybe not to your butthead cats, being kind to them will only encourage them to come sit on you at awkward times. Sigh.

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