Why did I come into this room?

Why did I come into this room?

The heat is melting my brain, y’all. And I was writing a post about how hot it was, and what I’ve been doing the last few days, and then the power went off — between the house AC, the studio AC, me firing the kiln, and then Cetty and Joe have three AC units in their RV and he started the jacuzzi up, the line just couldn’t take it. And unfortunately even though my kiln is supposed to have this magic thing that resets it to where it was if the power goes down and comes back up…. it looks like that failed. So my kiln firing failed. It’s a kiln full of custom order decal work. So I’m super thrilled right now. Super thrilled.

So, how ’bout that Game of Thrones series finale? We got together with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe to watch it, having watched all eight seasons together. Tim usually does something fun at some point in the season but this season was so short it was hard to get it together. But he came through for the finale…. behold, King’s Landing S’mores!

In completely unrelated news, I think these new allergy meds are working. Why? I’m hearing things I didn’t hear before. Our fridge has a low hum sometimes that sounds like a dial tone. Y’all remember dial tones? It took me a while to figure out it was coming from the fridge… I’d hear it, but not always (like, not when the TV is on) and I kept thinking that maybe somehow our land line had gotten turned back on and somewhere there was a phone off the hook….? I finally figured out it was coming from the fridge. It’s not the …. most … annoying sound in the world… but it’s close. Low, almost out of hearing range but not quite, and you have no control over when it ends. I’m trying to see the silver lining — that my head is getting de-congested enough on a regular basis that I can hear things I couldn’t hear before, and that’s good, right? RIGHT?

I thought there was something else I was going to say, something work related, but it’s too hot and my brain has melted and I can’t remember what it was. Llama mugs? Soap? The new HaldeCrate? I’ll probably remember as soon as I hit post. Have a good rest of your Tuesday, y’all. And someone send me some rain and cooler temps, mmmkay? Please and thank you.

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