A million years ago, when I was in theater school, the last play I did was Sartre’s “No Exit”. (I played Inès , if you’re curious and have some knowledge of the play.) There’s a famous, if often misunderstood, line from that play that I love to this day… “Hell is other people.” Sure, you can take that to mean that other people are the absolute worst and you should just go live on an island by yourself… but what it really means is that being in Hell is like being under the watchful gaze of people who never stop seeing us, never stop judging us, never stop assuming things about us based on how they interpret what they see about us. And thus, we judge ourselves, based on how those people react to us.

So let me tell you something (and yeah, I’m totally Vaguebooking here, because the entire story is not mine to tell). If you hurt, intimidate, or frighten someone I care about, I will make sure that any moment in the future that you are around me, that you are in Hell (so really it’s best for everyone that we just not be around each other).

Yeah, okay, sure; I totally get the “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” thing… but I’m also pretty big on defending and protecting the people I care about. Your right to swing your fist ends when it hits my friends face.

One of the two hardest lessons I’ve learned in this life is to control my temper (don’t make me angry! you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!). I have a hair-trigger temper and can go from zero to sixty in two seconds, and putting a cap on that has been a real tough road to learn to travel and for the most part it’s a road I travel pretty well at this point in my life… but one sure way to get me to go into a blind rage is to intimidate someone I care about. I would already rip someone’s limbs apart to protect my loved ones… don’t give me extra reason to go all Mama Bear.


…. view from a desk! Look, a rare moment with no cats on my new cat shelf! I didn’t mean to install a cat shelf, mind you… I *meant* to install a shelf on which to put the different paper and labels I need for printing. But the cats had other ideas. Sigh.

Yes, I have two computers. A desktop for work work, and the laptop primarily for writing (portable, so I can take it with me on weekend travels or whatnot). It does mean I’ve had to rearrange my studio office desk a couple of times to figure out the best layout for working, but I think I’ve finally got it down. Now if only my cats would let me use that shelf, haha!

Busy weekend coming up. I’m still polishing up the next Chapter, which drops Sunday. Everything else at HaldeCraft is on hold for today and tomorrow while I do that. Later today, the vet is coming to the house to give everyone (er, the pets, not me) their yearly shots and physicals. Sunday Jenn and I are taking Hawk to the airport (with dinner at Sanaa in Animal Kingdom Lodge first, to echo the very first time we went out to eat as a group, at some Ethiopian place in Tampa – now, that’s a story!). Oh, and I have a line on about a hundred pounds of clay, free, I just have to drive to Waldo to get it… so Imma see if I can’t fit that in today before the vet comes out.

Happy Friday, y’all! (… it is Friday, right? It’s not Saturday? Where’s my calendar!)

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  1. I used to have that red laptop! Or one like it. My old laptop had died; I went to BestBuys for another and had to buy the red one! It died a few years ago.

    The first half of this post? Kind of dark and creepy but I like it!

    1. Hah! Thanks! I was trying to be vague, but not really vague. Vague about why I’m feeling protective over a friend right now but not vague about what will befall the person if I meet them in a dark alley. Which I REALLY need to stop saying/writing where anything could be traced back to me. 😉

      Red laptops FTW!!!!

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