I put the irk in work

I put the irk in work

So, there I am, working on ideas for the next HaldeCrate…

(yes, that is a teaser photo)

When all of the sudden, we get the potter’s most favorite thing ever! A kiln explosion! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

I’m just kidding. We hate that.

Mugs are not as functional as they should be, with a big gaping hole in the bottom like that. And yeah – I did go ahead and glaze it anyway… it wasn’t going to get any more explody than it did there, and I needed to test out the glaze color. Which did not in fact match as well as I thought, so, piddle on the whole thing.

I think I have narrowed down the color, though, so now I just need to make a new mug sample, and I’ll be ready to announce!

In other, non-work-related ramblings… I went for a walk around the property the other day, and … oh, look. New trucks in The Pit. I swear that every time I turn around, there’s another truck or camper or something in there. I am so on-fire curious about why that I’m almost ready to go knock on my neighbor’s door and ask what’s going on. I mean, some of these look like new vehicles, but … once there, they never move. So… what’s the story? Is it an illegal dump filled with legitimately broken-down vehicles? Are they being stolen and hidden? Is it some sort of insurance scheme and people are reporting lost vehicles? I AM SO CURIOUS. But also, I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and going and knocking on the doors of sketchy neighbors with questions about their possibly illegal activity is a good way to get disappeared. So I guess I’ll just have to keep making up stories in my head.

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