Where’s my day gone?

Where’s my day gone?

I’m writing another blog post, but it’s taking longer than I thought, so I thought I’d just spew forth a quick one instead. I found out yesterday that an old high school friend, whom I hadn’t seen or talked to in close to 30 years but I have always thought of fondly, told her husband on Tuesday that she’d bumped her head a little but was fine, and then promptly up and died from a brain bleed. So my long post is all about not taking life for granted, which I think I probably just boiled down into a few words so why even keep writing that post, right?! It comes down to this: Friends. Love ’em if you’ve got ’em, and make ’em, if you don’t.

I was able to get a lot of my emotions about this out last night at Open Forge, pounding on some hot metal. Blacksmithing! Better than therapy! Plus you learn how to make things!

Show of hands, who thought the sore throat was allergies? It was/is! This is the worst post-nasal drip I’ve ever had… I’ve seriously considered cutting off the right side of my face. My neck and jaw haven’t hurt this bad since I had that abscessed tooth. They told me to up the Flonase, take Claritin or Zyrtek (I’m probably misspelling all of those), and I’ll be fine. It’s been 24 hours and I’m still in pain, so…. we’ll see? I’ll get through the weekend, and if this shit still hurts this bad on Monday I’m calling them up again. Just because it’s not Strep (they tested me there) doesn’t mean it’s not *something*.  My throat feels like there’s a rock hard lemon in it, and my ear feels like someone is repeatedly punching me in the side of the face. GOOD TIMES, YO.

This Claritin is supposed to be non-drowsy, but I’ve fallen asleep on the couch twice today while walking from the studio to my office. “Oh, I’ll just sit here for a moment and do this thing on my phone oh look a cat wants to be petted zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”… Which, maybe I need, if I’m falling asleep in the middle of work, but I also have a shit ton of work. Those buttons ain’t gonna glaze themselves!

Speaking of which, I’d better go get SOME work done today.

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  1. 1) Allergies if running amuck can cause sinus infections.
    2) Claritin knocks me out. Then I wake up with even fuzzier vision. Suck times.

    1. There was a span of about three years where I’d get a sinus infection practically whenever I sneezed… this is definitely not what I’ve had before. The pain is lower down, in the throat and back of the jaw, not up around the eyes and nose (does that make sense?), and (sorry) my snot is clear.

      We’ll see how Day 2 goes with the Claritin. Although I didn’t sleep well last night because of how much my throat hurt, so we’ll see… I might be doubly sleepy today! Yay….? Good thing my boss doesn’t mind (too much) if I snuggle on the couch with the cats.

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