See? See what happens?

See? See what happens?

Sunday I had a “fun” hangover (it’s when instead of too much booze you’ve had too much FUN the day before, and you’re exhausted and unmotivated) and then Monday morning I had to do all the social media stuff for the week for HaldeCraft that I usually do on Sunday afternoon but was too unmotivated to do, and then yesterday I had to go get some bloodwork done first thing in the morning and then they wound up not being able to do it but then Karen was coming out so I was all social and working and stuff and before you know it, it’s been like three days and I haven’t blogged. So much for my new streak!

I have things on my mind, but I also have orders I want to get out the door, and a blog post I need to write for work, and a doctor’s appointment in a few minutes to see what’s going on with this sore throat I’ve had since Friday. It feels like a fist of hot iron on only the right side of my throat, and it hurts from my lower neck all the way up through my jaw to my ear. My throat is red and irritated. Tim is joking that we’re going to find out I only have one tonsil, hahahahah, where *do* I keep leaving my body parts?!

A’right. I gotta run. More tomorrow! Pinky swear!

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