Is it time to go back to bed yet?

Is it time to go back to bed yet?

So far this morning I’ve gone over to the studio and let the boys out, come back to the house, launched a new product on HaldeCraft, finished writing a December recap newsletter for work, written a work blog post about the new mug, finished uploading social media for the rest of the week on Hootsuite (I had to wait until I had a picture of the mugs), started roughing out next week’s social media posts, and y’all, I’ve been up for AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES. I think I can knock off work early today, eh?

Speaking of work, I got eleven mugs thrown yesterday, and today’s plan is to get them trimmed, handled, and decorated… and while doing that, overdye the February yarn. I was waiting to see if the color changed at all when it dried, and unfortunately it still looks too close to a color I already offer – so I need to overdye it just a titch. I also need to get some bisque glazed and start loading up the kiln with an eye on a Monday firing.

I feel like there’s something I’ve forgotten, but … I also woke up with a little bit of a neck/headache this morning. I wedged 25 pounds of clay yesterday to get ready for a throwing marathon, and then wedged another 60 pounds of clay I’m working on reclaiming. I wedged EIGHTY FIVE POUNDS of clay yesterday. It was enough to make me go look up prices on pug mills, but when I saw that new they run for about $4000, I was like, uh, I’ll just do it myself and spend money on massages when I throw my back out.

Yesterday, my blog post about getting the boys fixed, got more likes on Facebook than any other blog post I’ve written, I think. I love that y’all love that we’re taking good care of our orphan charges. I guess they’re not really orphans any more, though, are they? I think some of the other animals at the vet’s office must have clued the boys into the fact that, dudes, if you’re here getting fixed, you’re in! They like you, they really like you! Even Wilder, who while named for Gene Wilder is sort of the wildest, least tame of the bunch, was snuggly yesterday. He even purred and let me pick him up, which … well, he’s tolerated me picking him up before but he’s not much of a purr-er.

OK. More coffee. Some aspirin for this headache. More water than I drank yesterday. And off to work!

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