It’s raining too much for me to think of what to say this morning

It’s raining too much for me to think of what to say this morning

There are a couple of air vents in our house that, when it rains, the rain hits them and it echoes in a metal, ting-tang, wind-chime kind of sound and it’s kind of restful and meditative. You can’t really hear it all through the house, but you can in my office – I guess because it’s right next to a bathroom and that is one of the air vents – and it makes me kind of drift off into my head and not pay attention to what I’m supposed to be doing. And then of course I go to find a picture I’ve taken where it’s raining, to make the subject photo for this post, and I fall down the rabbit hole of old photos – how can I have fifty photos of blue sky and none of rain? Gah. Oh! Here! Finally. Three years worth of photos later… aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, our internet isn’t letting me upload it. It’s too cloudy. FFS. (Still, satellite Internet that goes all wonky in the rain is better than none at all, right?! I’ll keep trying as I write this. If there’s a picture of coffee instead of rain associated with this post, you’ll know I failed.)

The dogs keep asking to go outside, and then looking at me disgustedly when I open the door and it’s still raining. Lindy even tried to get Tim to open the other door, you know, the door where it’s not raining….? No luck, kiddo.

I’m not sure what I got done at work yesterday. I felt like I was working all day, but what did I accomplish….? I dyed up the January yarn club — it’s a solid color which means it’s quicker to dye than a multi, and I got all 26 skeins done yesterday. Today I should be able to dye February’s yarn, and tomorrow, March’s yarn. That’ll be nice to have it all done (of course, then I have to wind it all….!). I got two blog posts written (granted, one was for here, not for work). I worked on that accounting snafu. I cleaned off my soap table so I can wrap soap as soon as it dries. I wound a couple of skeins of yarn. I started glazing the January mugs – which I was planning to release Friday, but we’ll see if I can actually get them fired before then.

Tomorrow I am taking the boys to get fixed! Bowie and Wilder, that is. Troublesome has already been under the knife. I’m hoping that this will make Wilder wander less, and Bowie will stop trying to hump Troublesome… who is very polite about putting up with it, but still. He gives me side-eye when Bowie has him pinned down. Like I should help a brother out and get him out of this situation.

OK, apparently it’s raining too hard, there’s too much cloud cover, and I’m not even on the Internet right now as I’m writing this… Chrome has this thing where if you’re working on something it’ll save the info in the browser if you lose Internet connection. So we’ll see when I can get this posted….! Oh, technology. Again, though, wonky weather-sensitive Internet is better than no Internet!

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