Haaaaaaaaaaaapy New Year!

Haaaaaaaaaaaapy New Year!

We had a party. Everyone came!

Seriously, it was a great party. I think everyone there was more than ready to see the back end of 2016, but rather than frustration at the year the party was filled with love and laughter. We saw people we only see a few times a year, friends came in from out of town, and a few new people came this year and of course fit right in.

The next day, yesterday, started off with breakfast at Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s house…

… followed by sitting around leisurely in their living room and catching up with Geoff and Mary, and Mike and Sharon, and Antony. We know the best people, truly.

Then Tim and I ran home to let the dogs out, and feed them, and then it was back into town for dinner with the crowd! As usual, we descended on Titi at Chopstix, who was harried and not having the best day and I really wanted to scoop her up and give her a big hug but she was cooking and I didn’t want to interrupt her flow. She made the most amazeballs dish of mushrooms and shrimp and beef and noodles, and I would have eaten it twice if I could have (as it was, I could only eat half of it before I was full… hello, lunch of leftovers!). The great conversation we were having in Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s living room continued on – music and science and life – and I hated to part ways at the end of the day… except I could hardly keep my eyes open.

Then it was home, let the dogs back out, put the kittens in the studio (they didn’t want to go in earlier but by 9:30 at night they were telling me in no uncertain terms that they were out in the dark in the big bad world and it sucked big time so inside, please?), and right to bed. I slept straight through until 7 AM and I feel I could do the same thing tonight.

I hope that your start of the year was filled with just as many friends, just as much laughter, and just as much overflowing love!

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