One of those days

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days where everything takes three times longer than you expect, not for horrible bad reasons but just… it takes longer, for some reason. And so then I’d be all, “I’m waiting for this, I should go ahead and work on this while I’m waiting” or “OK, I’ve worked on this for a couple hours, and I’m at a good pausing point, I really need to get back to this other thing I was working on” or I’d walk into my office to make these copies for the car insurance people but then I’d see that I’d started to print out soap labels so I’d finish that up and forget the copies… and so by the end of the day I wind up bouncing around like a pachinko ball, unable to focus. Ugh. Those days are the worst – I do a lot and don’t feel like I accomplish a thing.

Tonight I’m taking another blacksmithing class! It’s a self-defense keychain (shaped vaguely stabby, you’ll never get it on an airplane), and it comes with some instruction at the end of the class by a dojo teacher on how to use said keychain in self-defense situations. Can’t wait!

But until then, I need to have a day where I Get Shit Done. So, brain, if you could cooperate by remembering why you walked over here, or over there, or what you were doing in the other room? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That’d be great.

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