How did I get so lucky?

How did I get so lucky?

I had a belated birthday dinner with friends last night, and I have to ask myself… how did I get so lucky? How am I, a ginormous dork who flails like Kermit the Frog and is practically guaranteed to say the wrong thing in every situation… how am I surrounded by such brilliant, beautiful, hilarious, generous people? Thank you, lovelies, for spending an evening with me!


At one point during dinner, Jenn and I were talking about our friend Hawk, who is in Ireland right now and planning on staying for a few months. I kind of jokingly said that I should find out where my passport is from moving, because all he’s doing really is posting pictures of graveyards and pubs and making us insanely jealous… and then Jenn and I locked eyes and our brains connected. Immediately I was infused with the dream of Jenn and I travelling together to Ireland, and BAM. So. Now I need to find my passport (and about $3000 for plane fair and hotel money, hahaha). Because holy shit, this has to happen.

This morning as I write this, the temperature has dropped even more, and it’s down to 45. I love it! Remind me, in February, that I love it. The outside cats, however, were less than thrilled, especially since they opted not to sleep in the studio last night and instead wanted to patrol the grounds like the big brave boys they are. Hahahhaha, this morning, when I let the dogs out a little while ago, both Bowie and Troublesome came up to the gate telling me alllllll about how it was too cold out here for their delicate paws, and hurry up with the opening of the studio already. Yes, masters.

So. Today! Sunday! I have some mugs to trim that I threw yesterday. I have some yarn to test dye. I need to test dye first thing, so that this afternoon I can clean up that area and get ready to make some soap this coming week. But, as usual… first, more coffee!


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