Cat magnetism, activated!

Cat magnetism, activated!

There was a sudden temperature shift last night; it’s 51 as I write this (after being in the 80s yesterday afternoon) and will only get up to the low 70s today. Perfect! It does mean that the spoiled special snowflake housecats are all chilly, and as I’m trying to write this, three of them are stuck to me trying to huddle for warmth. The worst part of it is that I’m going to have to pee soon, and I feel guilty about disturbing the herd. Also my leg is starting to fall asleep… one of these cats is a chunkster.

Tonight is dinner with friends – a belated birthday get-together. Today during the day I’d really like to carve out time to throw a few mugs (I got some wedging done earlier this week but haven’t had time for the rest of it). And I have some glazing to do, because – thank goodness – ceramic sales are starting to pick up for the Holidays and there are some things I’ve sold out of.

Other than that I don’t have much to ramble on about. Yesterday I tried to take it pretty slow… I got soap club out, and a few orders, and worked on my November ads for Ravelry (which means yarn club, which means finalizing my idea, and I even went so far as to test dye some thoughts). And I got some social media things ready for the next two months, choosing pictures of certain things to space out and talk about (like another year of soap club, for which I did some graphics).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to disrupt and move some cats!


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