I’m not going to talk about last night’s Walking Dead

I’m not going to talk about last night’s Walking Dead

… mostly because I’ve been talking about it on Facebook or via text message all morning, and while I totes could say a bunch more, I’ve already spent so much time on it I’m running late for the day. And I wanted to get a lot of work done today! No slacking! It’s Monday! I’ve got shit to do!

I’ve also updated some of my Ravelry projects (no, Catherine, I won’t be posting about all of them this Friday, I want to space FO mentions out over a few weeks because I don’t knit as fast as I used to), written a work blog post, had coffee – well, some coffee… my second cup is sitting here at my elbow, sadly cold – and I still need to shower and have breakfast. And the dogs are looking at me like they haven’t been outside in weeks (they were just outside about two hours ago). And there’s a cat sitting next to me looking at me with tilted head, wondering why I’m not petting her.

I was planning on waxing philosophic about… something, I don’t know, I had something in my head when I opened this tab, but truthfully that was over an hour ago and since then I’ve gone back and forth between three other tabs, writing about three other things….! So I think whatever I was going to say has leaked out of my head. I’ll probably remember it as soon as I hit “post” on this and head for the shower. Oh, Mondays. Such a dichotomy of “a new week! so much I can get done!” and “shit, I’m tired!”.

PS. There may or may not be a graphic associated with this post; my website is giving me some trouble this morning.

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