Well that didn’t go as planned

Well that didn’t go as planned

I transferred a year’s worth of photos from my desktop to my laptop yesterday, went to start uploading photos this morning so I could blog about the next thing Sharon and I did in West Virginia, and… only the folders copied over. Not the photos within the folders.


Now I need something to blog about!

2016-10-01-19-01-51Jenn and Stu came over yesterday to watch High Fidelity, and we followed up with Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog (Stu and I had been making jokes the night that Jenn and I took the blacksmithing class, about “the hammer is my penis” and it turns out Jenn had never seen Dr. Horrible….? I don’t know which was funnier… watching it again after a few years, or watching Jenn watch it.

Then Tim made us dinner, and oh my goodness. This is from the second Tupelo Honey Cafe cookbook, and mine is the one without the Bearnaise sauce on it (stupid egg allergies).

Then we watched a couple of horrible … I don’t know what they were. Dessert cook-off shows? Everyone is making cupcakes or donuts and slowly you get immolated in the fiery ritual of carousel if you fail to please the Gods? Or you just get cut from the show if the judges don’t like your cupcake.

I don’t usually watch the competition cooking shows. Maybe a few minutes here and there – Tim watches them – but … to me, they’re just… I guess I’m just not their target market. I can’t make hardly anything they make on them, being that I’m allergic to fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, fish eggs, etc…. so it’s not like I can watch them with an idea of “I’d make that one day!”. So they’re not offering me menu ideas or cooking tips. I’ve never seen anyone even mention food allergies on them, so people who can’t eat what they’re making apparently aren’t even in their wheelhouse. Then I wonder about the practical applications of some of the things they have people make. I mean, tomatoes? With your DONUTS? What the actual fuck. If you want a mish-mash of foods, a REAL challenge, how about cooking a meal for people in a post-apocalypse situation where all you have is a brace of recently killed squirrels, some canned foods with no labels, not enough water, one person with severe food allergies, and you need to hide the smoke from the fire or the zombies will come towards you. Now *there’s* a challenge.

Huh. I guess I had something to blog about today, after all! I’ll try again with those photos later today. Sigh.

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