Neither here nor there

Neither here nor there

One thing I want to blog about is more of the trip Sharon and I took to Beth’s wedding (and various other places) but I want to show pictures with that, and the pictures are on the computer in my studio and I’m writing this from my laptop in the house.

Another thing I want to blog about is the trip to Disney Tim and I took in August… guess where the pictures are? On the computer in the studio! Guess where I am! The house!

When we first moved out here, it seemed like everything I wanted was in a different building. Or a different property – now that we’ve moved everything, at least it’s all out here, even if it’s still in a box somewhere. But about a third of the time I still feel like I’m in one place but need/want something in a different building. At least it helps me get a good step count…?

ANYWAY. Photos.

I tried setting up a home network but neither computer could see the other no matter what I did, so I can’t just reach through the Internet and get the pictures… not to mention that we have a data cap on our Internet so I’m always wary of what we use and when our “month” is up.

Oh! Oh! You know what just occurred to me? When my previous desktop computer died in March, I bought a data transfer cable to get everything off it and onto the new desktop computer… All I need to do is carry the laptop over to my office in the studio and I can transfer all my photos from it! Then I don’t have to try to remember some time during the day to go through the photos and put some in Dropbox or upload them to my site in a post that’s a draft! PROBLEM SOLVED. Thank you, coffee!

I think I’m almost ready to start doing a little more stream-of-consciousness blogging like this over on my poor neglected work blog. The problem I run into with that is the first thing I think is that unlike this blog, I have to have a PLAN. I have to write BIG THINGS that will GRAB ATTENTION and get people to LOVE MY STUFF. But the little voice inside me that says “don’t listen to the experts, follow your heart” says that the one thing my best customers love about me is that my brand is community. I sell people the feeling that they belong. So rather than write long, informative how-to posts, or decorating tips using HaldeCraft ceramics, or lengthy writeups about what goes into my soap… maybe I should just… be me. Write little things from my heart that let people know that I value them, they belong in my life, I am where I am because they support me, and that I am just like them.

OK, gotta go, now. Jenn and Stu are coming out this afternoon to watch a couple of movies, and Tim is of course making us a delicious and extravagant dinner (yay!). So I need to crank out a little work (and clean my bathrooms). Peace out, y’all!

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  1. No arguments from me on the stream of consciousness writing on your business blog. I’m in favor of that, as a friend, as a customer AND as someone who works in the blog for biz field. 😉

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