I’ll be back soon!

I’ll be back soon!

I’m in a whirlwind of trying to catch up with work and home, and so many pictures to share here, or on the work blog, or on Facebook with family… I’m really running around like a chicken with my head cut off this week. Yesterday was devoted to reclaiming the studio after the Open House (what a success!) and taking care of work emails and online work things I’ve fallen behind in. Today so far has been trying to clear off some things I’m behind in, in actual work (yarn winding, I’m looking at you! I wish I could wedge clay and wind yarn at the same time… surely people in yarn club wouldn’t mind a fingerprint of clay here and there…?). Tomorrow morning I really need to catch up on my online classes (new videos are released on Thursdays, and it’s four videos — two lectures and two post-lecture breakdowns. I’m still one video behind from last week, so tomorrow will bring four more…) and I need to do that before 8 AM when our data switches from what they call “bonus hours” (the hours of 2 AM to 8 AM) so that I can use that data instead of our “anytime hours” (we are 53% through our month and 68% through our anytime hour data plan so we’re looking to save data by using the bonus hours to do major uploading and downloading of data. But who the fuck’s up and at ’em that early in the morning?! Ugh.).


I’ll catch up. Pinky swear! Meanwhile, what y’all been up to?

PS. The “new” stray cat Socks (Joe and Cetty call him “Boots” but since G-ma had a dog named Boots I just can’t bring myself to call him that) has been showing up every day for about the last four or five days. He’s one of the first cats we saw on the game cam when we moved out here so it sure has taken him a while to warm up to us. Slowly over the last month he’s been letting us see him in person, not just on the game cam, and one day last week he just decided that he’s the cutest thing ever and he’ll run up to us, fall over at our feet, and start wriggling around for scritches, like a puppy. He’ll come in the studio to eat, but doesn’t want to spend the night yet (he’s been sleeping in Cetty’s pile of newspapers she saves for raku firings, so he’s nice and warm and in the workshop part of the studio building). So. Guess we have another one…………….. He and Wilder get along grandly. Troublesome could take him or leave him. Bowie is super, super jealous and threatened. We’ll see how this plays out…..

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