…. and soon, I shall wind ALL THE YARN

I have discovered in the last few days that having ceramic week right after yarn week is a big fat fail — mostly because I dyed so much yarn and the weather was so rainy (I hang the yarn on the back porch to dry, and the air was so wet that it just would nooooooot dryyyyyyyyyyy) that I couldn’t get all the yarn wound. And I wind yarn on the same surface that I hand build ceramics on, and I can’t do both at the same time. So I have to choose between winding the yarn (a should-do) and playing with clay (a want-to-do). I’ve been playing with clay but I feel guilty for not winding the yarn. But if I wound the yarn instead of working on ceramics, then I get frustrated that I’m not doing what I want to be doing that day. GO FIGURE.

Here’s a photo of a former fairy door in the park.

Missing : one fairy home door

Yeah. I got nuthin’.

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