A few photos from last weekend

A few photos from last weekend

We didn’t just surprise Tim’s parents with all their kids on Saturday (previously blogged)… we also let them hang out together on Sunday! How generous are we?!

I had previously thrown and bisque fired a handful of pots, with an eye on maybe doing a family raku firing while everyone was down here. Cetty could walk everyone through choosing glazes, we could start the firing in the late afternoon, pull after dinner, and everyone would have something to take home from the weekend.

All the girls had something to take home, too, because … oh, I guess I’m going to have to come clean about a little secret. I like to knit things. I know, I know. What surprise. But I don’t really… I don’t do much with what I knit. Some of it I give away, immediately, but most of it winds up in a big plastic bin and every two or three years when Tim’s whole family is in the same place at the same time, I make the gals go through my knitting box and take anything that fits. Last time was Thanksgiving at Jenny’s house three years ago, so my box had actually grown to a little more than one bin… I spread it all out on a table and while we were firing the kiln, I asked them all to go through stuff and take whatever they wanted. Thank you, ladies, for giving me room in my bin so I can keep knitting! You’re the best!

It really was an amazing, love-filled weekend. And I still have some pictures to share and some stories to tell. That’s right, last weekend’s not over yet….!

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