So much for a long lunch yesterday

So much for a long lunch yesterday

Getting weekend orders and yarn club together took me until almost 1, after which I took about a 45 minute lunch (which I guess is longer than I usually take so technically it was “long”…?) but then I had to write 13 listings for a new spinning fiber that’s been sitting on the floor in my office since Fiber-In in September, and that took me about two hours.

See, I was trying to get my social media together for the week, pre-posting it to Hootsuite, and one of the pictures I wanted to use was of the new fiber… wait, I guess I have to backtrack a little more. I keep a folder in Dropbox of all the pictures I take during the week, that I want to use next week for social media for HaldeCraft. I post 3-5 times a day, and I’ve found that pictures get me more interaction than anything else, so I take and store photos during the week. I generally take more pictures than I show, and stockpile some that aren’t time-sensitive, to share on weeks when I don’t have a lot going on. The last FEW weeks have been weeks I’ve been over-busy doing things that are under-photograph-able (who wants a photo of me at my desk, figuring quarterly sales tax?!)… so I’m down to my last few pictures in my stockpile that aren’t cat and flower photos (I try to share a couple of those a week, for filler). The picture of the new fiber is one of my last photos…. and it’s either use it, or I don’t have anything to post. I don’t want my caption on that to be “here’s some fiber I’d have for sale if I had time to list it” so I took the time to write the listings.

Man, I really need to do something exciting, quick to do, and exceedingly photogenic over the next few days, or I’m out of pictures by the middle of the day Thursday. And Wednesday morning is going to be spent driving to, being at, and driving home from the dentist…. not much work-worthy to photograph there. Hey, kids! Work at home! It’s fun and easy!


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