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Huh. I tried to write this earlier this morning, but for some reason a bunch of the code was missing from my WordPress back end — I think it was a browser issue, not a WP issue, because I was having a little laptop confunction this morning, too. All better now!

Anyway, I was really just going to ramble on this post, anyway, and try to just word vomit for at least 100 words.

I was going to take Tuesday and Wednesday off from work, and by “off from work” I really just mean “off from online” because I still have a shit ton of yarn to dye, so here I am in the studio working but shhh, don’t tell my customers. I might just take the rest of the week off, as well. Well. “Off.” To dye yarn without the distraction of the Internet.

And take off to hopefully see Amy and Issac and the little girl they had at 3:30 this morning. Middle of the night, thunderstorm, a few days late and then POOF hardly any work on Amy’s part and little Lydia Auna slid her way into the world hungry and ready for a nap.

And some time this week I need to go to Verizon and switch out my phone, because in an epic hilarity of me needing a new phone, going in for the next level down and winding up getting the brand new top-of-the line phone…. the phones are prone to exploding and bursting into flames when being charged. HAHAHAH whoops. That’ll learn me.

Allrighty, then! 100 words accomplished – almost 300, really. And now it’s time to go stir the dye pots!

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