Not enough hours

I overslept today for the first time in over a year – since we moved out here, anyway. I usually get up when it starts to get light, but I guess between being an overcast morning and staying up too late last night reading (The Taken by Inger Ash Wolfe) I must have needed it.

Then of course I feel like I’m not going to have enough hours in the day today to do everything at work, as I’m usually starting work at the time that today, I’m typing this. So something’s going to have to not get done, and I’m afraid it’s dyeing yarn, even though I’m late on releasing a new colorway. I can’t not pack for the weekend-long craft show I’m leaving for on Friday, and I can’t not finish getting yarn club ready, and I can’t not unload the kiln (since there are pieces in it I need for the show), and I can’t not go to the grocery store and get something for dinner tonight, so the thing that’s going to have to be put aside so that I’m not going in five directions (because somehow four is manageable???) is dyeing yarn, which doesn’t take a lot of time and focus constantly all day, but does need to be checked every twenty minutes, and every two hours takes about half an hour to switch out for a color change. So it’s a good chunk of brain power. Sorry, yarn, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow….

Some days look less like organizing my work schedule and more like triage.

Still, I took time to write something here today, so I’m … four for four? Maybe today I’ll have a few minutes to choose and edit the photos from the next part of our West Virginia trip last May, and tomorrow I can write about that…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need more coffee.

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