Dinner and Raku

Amy and Isaac are days away from having another baby, and Tim’s parents are in town staying with them in order to help out with Ranger Baby when the moment comes. So we had everyone over for dinner last night! Cetty fired up the raku kiln and timed the pull to just after Bill and Linda got here…


Bill also got a chance to check out the work Tim’s been doing on the kiln shed, and he was really impressed with Tim’s joinery (even though Tim sees everything he did wrong)… it’s a parent’s job to love even the most undecipherable of crayon drawings, and this is a lot more fine than a crayon drawing! Good job, Tim.


Here are the pieces Cetty did…


This whole beehive thing was not as intended, start to finish, but I think it turned out amazingly.


Then, of course, there was dinner! When we were at Disney, we picked up a couple of cookbooks, and everything Tim did for dinner was from that. There was bread (out on the table – we served buffet style and food was kind of everywhere) with macadamia nut honey butter, broccoli in a spicy sauce (and extra broccoli with plain butter for them that can’t do spicy), a beef thing, a pork thing, mashed potatoes, a mushroom soup that, y’all, I don’t even *like* soup and I had two bowls of it, and something else I’m probably forgetting. Also out on the table with the bread was a big salad Uncle Joe made (my Uncle Joe, not Tim’s Uncle Joe, who wouldn’t even touch a salad on a bet), and an applesauce cake (no eggs!) that went very well with ice cream. Mmmmm.


There was good conversation and lots of laughter and Bill and I talked blacksmithing (I’m thinking of taking a class), and Ranger Baby has dubbed Tim “Uncle Eat Eat” and he absolutely loved whatever sauce this was and didn’t want his mom’s plate to be taken away until he was done licking up everything.



Who needs bread to sop up a mess when you have fingers? Mmmmm. Fingers.


I love my family, and I love Tim’s family – who have also become my family – and I love when the two families can get together. I wish I was going to be able to see more of Bill and Linda while they’re down here, but the baby is due the weekend I’m in Orlando for the Florida Fiber-In, and sales have been so slow this year that I don’t feel I can risk cancelling going to the show – I need the money it’ll bring in. Hopefully having a second grand-baby will bring them down a few times a year, and we can get together often.

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