Remember when….?

Remember when….?

Remember when I used to blog every morning, with coffee? Tell you a little about my day yesterday, or wax philosophic, or navel gaze, or just gab? Then I started working at home – which you’d think would make me MORE likely to blog, as a distraction/time-waster? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

So this is me priming the pump. Write a little every day, even just 100 words. Just to say hello. Just to get back into the habit. Just to help me take a few minutes for myself, early in the day, instead of doing what all the business blogs tell me to do, which is jump right into Pinterest and Facebook and planning my social media strategy for the day before I get sidetracked. Except, those things ARE a sidetrack.

Also, don’t look too closely around right now, I also thought on this day when I have to glaze enough to fill the kiln, dye 20 skeins of yarn, entertain guests in the afternoon who want to tour my studio, and have a big family dinner… that would also be a FINE day to change the template of my blog. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Remember when I wasn’t nuts? SHUT UP, don’t answer that.

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  1. You know, though, you are rocking that crafty work from home thing @ 110%. You may be the most organized and disciplined person I’ve (never/ever) met. I’ve often wondered how you got so many more hours in the day than I did. Doesn’t seem quite fair.

    1. Only child hyper-responsible over-achieving mental stuff, probably! But then there are people who are so organized they make me look like a headless chicken, so… I guess it’s all in perspective…?

  2. As far as the advice to plan your day first thing in the morning, you’re probably better off (and already have) planned the night before. Or, you just already know several days in advance.

    1. My days are planned in advance, mostly. I do need to go over my to-do list in the mornings to see what got done or didn’t get done already this week, if there’s anything I can put off, or not do, or things that need to be added to my list. The things that the business advice articles say to get done first are things that you’d be likely to put off later in the day if you didn’t do them first, or things that are easily uninterruptible. The idea is that if you do them first, before people start bothering you, it’ll take less time and you’ll plow through them rather than hold onto them for later and either not get to them or start them but then get pulled away. As Mark Twain said, eat the live toad first. But I find that some weeks are more full of busy work than others, so I try to do the live toad stuff first, and pretty soon I’m doing that shit as soon as I wake up in the morning just to get it out of the way, and then by the end of the day I’m all, oh, shit, I’ve been go go go since 7 AM! Where’s mah beer?! And I haven’t really had a lot of time to myself to charge my own batteries – which is what I used to use the blog for. So clearly I need to make blogging come first, even before the live toad.

  3. I do miss some of the talking, thinking out loud, reminiscing stream of consciousness type blogs. Not that what you have been doing isn’t good or interesting, sometimes it is nice to just read those and then do some thinking along with you.

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