Eleven out of Thirteen

Eleven out of Thirteen

So far, so good – I decided early last week to set myself a goal of small daily posts to get myself back into the habit of blogging… and other than missing two days at Fiber-In (I didn’t take my computer with me and it would have been ugly to post from my phone) I’ve blogged eleven of the last thirteen days. If I can keep this up for a few weeks I’m going to add in getting better at little things on my work blog, which – if I’m lucky – sees a “works in progress” post on Wednesdays and a recap of recently listed items on Fridays. If I’m lucky.

Uhm… I think that’s really all I have to say today. That, and for about the third day in September I do not have to wake up and dye yarn today! HUZZAH! I could use a break. And some air conditioning — the heat of the dye pots really overpowers it and it’s easier for me to just open the doors in the studio … which means no dogs in the studio with me that day because we still don’t have screen doors. I can’t tell you how many f’cking love bugs are flying around inside my studio right now. Ugh.

Also today I will be going into town to run a few errands, one of which is hopefully swinging by Verizon and switching out my phone for a less explodey one. So far the Note 7 I have hasn’t overheated or blown up, but with a recall, well… better to be safe than sorry, right? Ugh. Teach me to buy a brand new something instead of a model down.

Alright, that’s it for today… short post. More tomorrow!


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