Yesterday seemed three days long

Yesterday seemed three days long

There was the first day, which is when I woke up, did a few things, got an order packaged up and in the mail, and got the dogs all kenneled up and then went to Gainesville to run some errands.

Then there was the second day, which was going to HellMart and the bank and then meeting Tim for lunch and Titi made me some amazeballs sushi…


I love it when I go and place my order with her, and she gives me that kind of “mom” look, so then I’m all, “or I’ll eat whatever you bring me!” because (and I’m sorry, Tim) she is the only person I trust to bring me food, sight unseen, that won’t have any allergens in it. This was like a salad sushi, each piece was a two-bite minimum, they were so big! Cream cheese, asparagus, cucumber, carrots, squash, and lightly deep-fried. SO DELISH. And so filling I didn’t even really eat that much at dinner.

Then I stopped to visit with Marie… the highlight of the visit was explaining to her granddaughter, who I think is about 10, my next errand which was going to be switching out my phone. She asked (quite logically and I totes would have thought this way when I was that age) if my phone minded me using it to search for replacement phones. I allowed as how my phone was super-smart, more like a robot than a phone, and that because one of the three laws of Robots was that they must not injure or allow a human to be injured, and as other versions of this phones sometimes exploded, that would hurt a human – which my phone didn’t want to do – my phone was probably sad that it was inferior but proud to be used to keep a human from harm. Her reaction? “Oh, yeah, and the other two laws are…. My mom told me all about those.” Marie, you did a dang fine job raising your kids, who are doing dang fine jobs raising theirs.

Since my phone STILL wasn’t ready by then, I went ahead and did some grocery shopping, hoping that the frozen foods and ice cream I got would all keep each other cold in the cold bag I brought (spoiler alert: everything was fine). I was just starting my car in the parking lot, wondering if I should just go there and look at them forlornly until they gave me my new phone, when dude from the store texted me to let me know my phone was there.

I got there three minutes later and proceeded to sit and wait for 45 minutes while he finished helping the guy in front of me. Sigh. I normally wouldn’t have been in a hurry but I had a customer who was coming to my house to pick up a package by 2, and I knew there was no way I’d make it… so I messaged her to find out if 3 was ok… but then I wound up messaging her to reschedule for today because I didn’t want to have to bump her back again, to 4…. Sigh.

Eventually it all worked out, though, and by about 4:15 I was leaving to go home with my new, less explodey Note 7. I say “less explodey” because my other one hadn’t even heated up, let alone exploded, so this is even less explodey than the one that didn’t explode. But Samsung was issuing a recall, so I thought it safer to just switch it out and not worry about it. Especially once I got the system update that gave me a little “we care about your safety and you should power down this phone and not use it until you can get to a Samsung retailer and exchange it” popup every time I plugged it in to charge it.

Of course that meant that I spent another whole day last night (wait, is that four days now?) resetting the phone to my specifications and downloading all my apps, and yadda yadda yadda. GOOD TIMES.

Today? Making soap, meeting with a customer, and getting ready for the blacksmithing class I’m taking tomorrow. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

Have a good Saturday, y’all!

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