If you want to sing out, sing out. And if you want to be free, be free.

…there’s a million things to be and you know that—- they’ll all happen at OUR NEW HOUSE!


Sweet Zombie Jesus, what a trial. If this place turns out to be haunted or something? Like, the Amityville Horror of Keystone Heights? Those ghosts better step the fuck back because I fought hard for this place and I’m not going to give it up to some paltry undead.

I’m working on a Flickr album here, if you want to look through. I think I’ve got about 50 pictures there right now, of the land and in and around the house and studio. I’ll keep updating there, and pulling from it for before/during/after shots as we fix some things up.

You guys. YOU GUYS. WE GOT IT. It doesn’t even seem real yet… I think I’m still shellshocked from the process. I have so much to say but I don’t even know where to start… it’s as if I asked my brain where to begin and it gave me the finger. So feel free to ask questions, and I’ll start blogging the fix-up process soon — we’ve already started!

And thank all y’all so very much for all your support… you’ve really held us together through all of this. xoxo

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    1. Some of that will depend on how long it takes Tim to build the new back deck and put in the dog fence (the property isn’t fenced on three sides, meaning you can’t tell where you end and the neighbors begin) so we definitely want a nice escape-proof fence before we move in. BUT, I also need to start dyeing yarn for the next round of club no later than April 26th… so while I’d be hoping for the weekend of April 11/12, it might be the weekend of April 18/19, and worse case scenario it takes that weekend and part of the 24/25 (and then I unpack in between changing out the dye in the pots all that week). We’ll probably also bring stuff here and there in my Rav or in the truck Tim just bought, to help whittle down the sheer amount of crap in the house for actual moving day…

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