Sunday Six: Six gifts for the yarn lover

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You love yarn. Yarn is probably on your wish list (doesn’t the Yarn Harlot tell non-yarnies that even thought we all seem to have enough yarn, yarn is always a good gift?). Or maybe you’re shopping for that yarn lover in your life…? Maybe your yarn lover even sent you this link to give you some gift ideas. Here; let me help you with that! Here are six things HaldeCraft carries that the yarn lover is sure to appreciate.


1. Yarn Club – the gift that gives for three months! Yarn club has a lot of appeal; you can get fingering or worsted weight, the colors are exclusive to club, and as a bonus the clubs are themed (usually around literature). This coming club runs from January – March and is inspired by Game of Thrones.
2. Pencil roving – Even if your yarn lover isn’t also a handspinner, pencil roving can make a great gift – especially for cold-weather crafting! Pencil rovings such as Athena and Neith come in long thin put-ups and can be crocheted or knitted as-is; this is great for thrummed hats and mittens!
3. Yarn bowls – Perfect for keeping that pesky yarn ball from rolling all over the floor; yarn bowls keep your yarn contained in one place. They’re also look beautiful – much more photogenic than a pile of yarn sitting near the couch.
4. Soap, decorated with yarn and knitting needles – No matter what sort of fragrance your yarn lover loves (floral, woodsy, herbal, earthy), any one of these twenty-four fragrances of soap is sure to be appreciated!
5. Yarn – Yarn lovers love yarn. You generally can’t go wrong with this standard! Different crocheters and knitters like to work on different things – if you don’t know yarn very well but know what your crafty loved one works on, drop me a line with the sorts of projects you see them working on and I’ll be happy to make base yarn recommendations!
6. Hand-built ceramic bowls decorated by a hand-crocheted doily – These bowls are great for everything from holding loose supplies, to jewelry on a dresser, to guest soaps and handtowels in a bathroom… they’re even hand-glazed in food-safe glazes so they’re perfect as serving dishes at the table!

Want to see more? I have an entire section on HaldeCraft devoted to Gifts for the Yarn Lover! After that, if you still don’t know which is the perfect gift, Gift Cards are always appreciated — and that way they can choose something themselves!

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